Plant medicine… used to restore your health, balance and well-being… naturally

Julie Wood – Medicinal Herbalist in Gillingham & Shaftesbury, Dorset

Herbs are our natural traditional medicine and they can restore health and well-being.  I am a qualified Medical Herbalist and am trained to prepare safe and effective herbal remedies using plants with medicinal actions specifically to meet your individual needs.

Plants give us the gift of life. Now we are remembering that they are offer us their true essence and deep wisdom to bring spiritual healing so that we can become our whole selves, to enrich our lives and live them with joy and fulfilment.

I offer a variety of workshops and courses throughout the year.


  • Sweet Violet, the flower of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, violets always seem so special… their sensual but elusive perfume, the gorgeous rich blue violet petals… And we use it for healing too… the leaves have been used internally and externally for their anticarcinogenic properties,......

  • Nettle soup…first of the season, a delicious bowl of verdant green energy, the perfect spring tonic! Made with a little onion, potato, garlic, water, stock, good splash full cream organic milk, revitalising, detoxing, blood building and purifying…SO good for you 😍 garnished with watercress, could......

  • These zingy flowers have appeared on waste ground behind my garden… A beautiful surprise!The flowers appear before the leaves.. the leaves are used to cool and moisten the lungs, promote expectoration and ease coughing. Although they contain pyrollizidine alkaloids they have been used safely for......