Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plants give us the gift of life. Now we are remembering that they are offer us their true essence and deep wisdom to bring spiritual healing so that we can become our whole selves, to enrich our lives and live them with joy and fulfilment.

We are already in deep relationship with all plants growing on our beautiful planet. We breathe in the plant’s out breath, their ‘green breath’   Many of us are now opening up to deeper connection with the plants. They are sentient beings and can communicate with us through meditative and simple shamanic practices.

I have been training with inspirational teachers: Eliot Cowan, Alison Gayek, Stephen Harrod Buhner and Pam Montgomery over many years. I offer workshops and courses to teach others how to open to this truly wondrous gift from the plants. From January 2019 I will be offering Plant Spirit Medicine healing on a one-to-one basis.

‘Become the whole person you can be, discover life’s richness and joy…’

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