The Labyrinth

Re-Wilding with the Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth and deepening your connection with nature will bring new experiences of intimate communication with the earth, the elements, the seasons, the animals and plants.

I have been working with Mark Willenbruch, a labyrinth creator and facilitator, since 2015. We built a herb labyrinth at Tupenny Barn, Southbourne, West Sussex in 2016 and have been developing our labyrinth project to enable us to ‘re-wild’ and become intimately connected with nature once more. My training with Elen Sentier, native British shaman, author, in British shamanic traditions informs my work for this project.

Click here to connect to Mark’s website and book Re-Wilding with the Labyrinth.

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In the spring of 2018 Mark built two stunning 7-circuit labyrinths in Somerset. The one at 42 Acres will be the basis for our our ‘Nature Immersion’ courses.

‘We had forgotten who we are and how we were meant to live on our beautiful planet, as part of the whole and in harmony with nature, with all living beings. Now we are remembering….’

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